October 24 2013  |  Catering

ANA enhancing Economy Class and selected international menus

By Rick Lundstrom

Premium Economy offerings will be enhanced on ANA in December


Starting in December, ANA will be launching enhanced meal service in Economy and Premium Economy customers on many of its international flights.

Economy Class in-flight meals will be developed by The Connoisseurs, an in-flight meal team composed of 10 chefs, five spirits and coffee professionals and nine of ANA’s own catering chefs. ANA will also be renewing meal choices for children and adding additional ranges in Premium Economy.

A combination of The Connoisseurs, votes on the airline’s Facebook page and ANA staff chose the selections of  Japanese, Western and Asian cuisine. ANA’s chefs have also created new meals for children in the style of the popular Japanese lunch box, or “Deco-ben.” The Deco-ben  is decorative lunch box, is unique to Japanese culture and uses color and cute designs.Ten chefs are part of The Connoisseurs at ANA

ANA will be improving the selection of meals and beverages available in Premium Economy. A selection of Business Class options, such as desserts and alcoholic beverages are now served Premium Economy in addition to conventional sparkling wine and soup. Also, mini-soba (North America-Japan routes) or mini-ramen (Europe-Japan routes) will be available. Applicable routes include those to the United States Europe from and to Haneda and Narita airports.

Also taking place is a collaboration with overseas chefs to bring the tastes of Taiwan and India to Business Class passengers. ANA is working with the Regent Taipei’s master chef Cai Kun Zhan.

Authentic Taiwanese cuisine, including "Beef Noodle Soup," derived from the Regent Taipei’s classic, will be served in Business Class on flights departing from Taipei in January, June and September of next, to coincide with New Year, the Taiwanese Boys Festival and the Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival. Applicable routes are Taipei routes to Haneda and Narita Airports

 Indian chefs will produce a Business Class menu for passengers flying from Delhi and Mumbai. 

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