October 23 2013  |  Catering

ITCA/SIAL to showcase products for passengers with disabilities

By Rick Lundstrom

This wheelchair will be one of several products for passengers with disabilities on display at ITCA/SIAL


One of the first-time exhibitors at this year’s ITCA/SIAL event November 24-26 in Abu Dhabi will be showing a selection of cabin products that are designed for passengers with disabilities.

Abdulaziz Almohisen of Saudi Arabian Airlines, has made awareness of the needs of passengers with disabilities his cause for many years. It has garnered him awards and recognition. The slogan for the effort is “Travel is for All.” He will be showing the products to potential airline customers and suppliers interested in expanding their range of services. 

Among the products he will be showing are Braille printers that can be used for several onboard media, a specially designed wheelchair and seating for disabled children to be used in aircraft cabin and portable oxygen equipment that does not require cylinders. Almohisen says Emirates has the oxygen equipment on two of its aircraft.

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