September 12 2013  |  Catering

MEIKO M-iQ washers selected for second EKFC unit

By Rick Lundstrom

The new facility at Dubai International Airport will be equipped with three machines from the Offenburg, Germany company’s line. Each of the three M-iQ machines is 13.5 meters long with a useful width of one meter and a passing height of 2.40 meters. The machines will be assembled on-site, with the MEIKO branch office in Dubai working closely with the company's headquarters in Germany.

The M-iQ system uses a proprietary filter technology to allow the machines to wash for longer periods without requiring the wash water to be changed. The new catering facility for which MEIKO has received an order is EKFC’s Short Term Expansion-SE-03. The unit is 60,000 square meters spread over three floors. MEIKO will be working with with Heidelberg based io-consultants on technical aspects of the installation.

"The customer wanted everything to come out completely dry – even Gastronorm containers and plastic boxes – to ensure that all the key hygiene parameters were met," said Eric Waag, MEIKO's Key Account Manager for In-flight Catering.

"We've been doing business with Emirates Flight Catering since 1988 and we're tremendously proud to have this opportunity to develop the relationship further through this major contract," said Klaus Engesser, Head of Exports at MEIKO.

"We consider it to be an honor and a distinction to have maintained a decades-long partnership with a company that has received more than 400 awards worldwide for its outstanding quality," added Engesser.

Emirates Flight Catering serves more than 105 airlines at Dubai International Airport.


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