July 5 2013  |  Catering

Emirates aims to please kids with new offerings

By Rick Lundstrom

Emirates has rolled out a long list of cabin features for children this summer from programming on its inflight entertainment system ice, to menus to a selection of toys.  

On the ice system will be a selection of more than 10 new release animated movies and children’s programming; 40 Disney classic movies; more than 30 dedicated television channels and nearly 60 hours of television programming.

Music will be from such artists as, One Direction, Demy Lovato, Taylor Swift, Olly Murs, Little Mix and Justin Timberlake on the hundreds of channels of music available.

Emirates is also publishing an inflight activity magazine: 3,2,1 for pre-school travelers and 3,2,1 e-kids for older children which offers games, quizzes and stories. Emirates has two versions of its 3,2,1...magazines for children of different ages

As part of its children’s product offering, Emirates’ has designed brightly colored gear and added special cutlery, tray mats, snack boxes, headset bags, as well as the toy bags.

Emirates Flight Catering has designed menus for kids that appeal to Emirates’ multi-national passengers, allowing children to enjoy both variety and their favorite dishes. Menu items include Asian and vegetarian dishes, low protein or medical meals. Special meals can be made available with 24 hours’ notice. 

Young passengers are provided with a fun pack containing the new monster-themed toys.  Aimed at pre-school children, the monster collection has quirky characters from around the world. They come in two categories; Blanket Buddies - plush characters wrapped around soft polar fleece blankets, and Seat Belt Critters - little toys worn around a seat belt to encourage safety.  Young travelers can also enjoy the existing range of children’s products including the 321/e-kids magazine, colored pencils, branded Emirates rucksacks and cooler bags, children’s eyeshades and the popular Dr. Seuss books. 

Older children can enjoy the Quiksilver collection of travel-inspired products co-designed with lifestyle brand Quiksilver, on long-haul flights over five hours. August sees a dedicated Quicksilver TV channel introduced to ice Digital Widescreen, featuring surfing and skating programming. 

In addition, special services for children and infants are provided. They include; priority boarding for families with small children, special fares for children aged two to 11, 10 kilograms free baggage allowance for infants not occupying a seat, special brightly-colored child-sized headsets, baby kits, bassinets, nappies and baby change tables. Baby bottles, milk formula and two types of jar food as well as food/bottle heating services are available.

Upon arrival in Dubai, special ‘stroller’ delivery service for parents with small babies is provided, enabling them access to pushchairs immediately upon disembarking the aircraft. 

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