April 2 2013  |  Catering

Cuisine Solutions teams with gategroup in NA market

By Rick Lundstrom

The agreement gives gategroup certain exclusive rights to market and sell Cuisine Solutions’ products into the North American airline and travel industry, and designates Cuisine Solutions as gategroup’s exclusive provider of sous-vide products in the region.

“The partnership will enhance gategroup’s delivery of culinary excellence across the North American operations of its Gate Gourmet business while leveraging the distribution network of its Pourshins brand,” said a release from gategroup.

Sous-vide is French for “under vacuum” and the cooking technique was pioneered by Cuisine Solutions. The process vacuum seals and evenly slow-cooks food in water at constant low temperature. Well-known chefs in some of the world’s finest restaurants use the method. Sous-vide has proven to consistently produce excellent flavors and food textures while maintaining the natural integrity of foods.

“This partnership between the world leader in travel catering and the world leader in high quality sous-vide products marks a significant step in the expanded use of high-quality sous-vide products and the growth of Cuisine Solutions,” said Felipe Hasselmann, President of Cuisine Solutions. 

“We are excited to partner with Cuisine Solutions. Sous-vide products are increasingly recognized by our customers as an excellent solution for providing premium cabin meals with superb textures and flavors consistently across their networks,” said Doug Goeke, gategroup Senior Vice President and President of its Airline Solutions North America business.

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