February 8 2013  |  Catering

French chef wins Bocuse d’Or competition

By Rick Lundstrom

A young chef from the Maison Lenôtre school impressed the judges in the annual Bocuse d’Or Competition with his selections of turbot in white butter with beads of herbal infusion and his Irish beef Rossini style with a truffle soup to win this year’s event.

Thibault Ruggeri was France’s candidate for the yearly competition held in Lyon. Chefs from Denmark and Japan also scored high in the competition at the end of January. As winner, Ruggeri takes home the trophy and €20,000 prize.

The Bocuse d’Or is an international cooking contest that was founded by French chef Paul Bocuse in January 1987. Twenty-four chefs from 24 countries take part, after winning the knockout rounds in their respective countries. During the two-day competition, each chef prepared a seafood and beef dish under a timeline of five hours and 35 minutes.

Two of the sponsors of the Académie Française du Bocuse d’Or 2013 competition are Servair and Air France. 

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