Inflight Entertainment

September 8 2020

​GEE supplies 'app-free' entertainment…

Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. updates IFE across Southwest

By Rick Lundstrom

November 2 2018

Southwest offers free movies on…

Free messaging and music are also available on select aircraft

By Rachel Debling

June 4 2018

Southwest adds iHeartRadio to IFE…

Southwest Airlines has collaborated with iHeartRadio to bring the digital music service to their passengers

By Rick Lundstrom

February 26 2016

Southwest adds Amazon payment method…

Passengers accessing the onboard entertainment portal now have the opportunity to purchase Wi-Fi, messaging, and movies using…

By Rick Lundstrom

November 3 2014

Southwest launches curated music…

Onboard concerts from two bands is a part of the airline's new service promotion

By Rick Lundstrom

August 7 2014

Southwest adds Cartoon Network…

Southwest Airlines and Turner Broadcasting System announced in late July it would add Cartoon Network to the carrier’s inflight…

By Rick Lundstrom

January 22 2014

TV flies free

Live & on-demand TV continues to fly free on personal devices on wifi equipped Southwest flights, compliments of DISH.

By Tanya Filippelli

November 21 2013

Global Eagle Entertainment WiFi…

First carrier in the U.S. to offer the WiFi service to passengers

By Tanya Filippelli

June 10 2013

STG Aerospace receives extended…

STG Aerospace has announced that it has continued its relationship with Southwest Airlines; the SafTglo system to be retrofitted…

By Lauren Brunetti

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