February 6 2018  |  Inflight Entertainment

Panasonic to supply Kenya Airways with IFE systems and solutions

By Rachel Debling

Testing out the X series at Panasonc HQ.

Two dozen aircraft in Kenya Airways' fleet will have IFE services and tech provided by Panasonic Avionics Corporation, including 10 Embraer 190 aircraft, five 737-800 aircraft and nine 787-8s.

In a February 6 press release, the avionics company announced that Kenya's Embraer 190s will be outfitted with their eFX system, which is designed for single-aisle use and includes music, movies, TV series, games, moving maps and more. The 737-800s will be line-fitted with Panasonic's advanced HD single-aisle system, eX1, while the 787-8s will feature the eX3 system, complete with a surplus of 700 hours of entertainment.

Support in the realm of materials and tech advisory will be handled by Panasonic Technical Services. Panasonic consulted with the airline and customized these solutions to "deliver optimal IFE spares operations coupled with onsite IFE support for maintenance operations," according to the press release.

“Having worked very closely with Kenya Airways to develop a customized package to fit their needs for both narrow-body and wide-body aircraft, we are delighted to welcome them as a Panasonic customer," read a statement by Sean Gavin, Vice President of Panasonic Technical Services at Panasonic Avionics Corporation. "Our world-class IFE systems will offer the airline and its passengers an unrivaled and memorable entertainment experience.”