February 1 2018  |  Inflight Entertainment

Health-focused IFE comes to Hawaiian Airlines

By Rachel Debling

A screen shot of Arnold taking guests through pre-flight stretches

Health-conscious travelers on Hawaiian Airlines' transpacific flights can now choose from a selection of wellness content meant to enhance the well-being of passengers pre-, intra- and post-flight with a series of stretches and breathing exercises.

The content, titled "Ola Pono" or "Live Well" in Hawaiian, was produced exclusively by the airline and is hosted by Wainani Arnold, a Honolulu movement specialist and founder of the Wainani Wellness Center. Arnold is a hula dancer and choreographer with over 15 years experience teaching yoga, dance, GYROTONIC and Pilates.

As Arnold explains, these exercises aren't just for gym fanatics. "Consistent, controlled movements while flying benefit travelers of all ages and can help with blood circulation, stiff joints and jetlag," she said in a February 1 press release. "The goal is to take care of yourself during the flight so you can get the most out of your Hawai'i vacation."

The video series is separated into themes that cover three areas: land, air and sea. "Air" is the series' first chapter, which takes guests through stretches and breathing exercises that can be done on the aircraft or in an airport. "Sea" follows and takes viewers on a voyage through Mākaha on the west side of O‘ahu with virtual tour guide Brian Keaulana, a Hawaiian surfer, lifeguard and waterman, and his daughter, Ha‘a Keaulana. The series ends with "Land," a closer look at the agriculture of Hawaii with Chef Lee Anne Wong, who is set to take on the role of executive chef at Hawaiian Airlines on June 1.

The series is a natural fit for the company, according to Evan Nomura, product manager, inflight entertainment at Hawaiian Airlines.“We understand the main purpose of inflight programming is to entertain, but we knew we could do that while also providing useful and effective content that would enhance the guest experience,” he said in a statement from Hawaiian Airlines. “We’re excited to launch this series featuring local experts and look forward to creating more exclusive content.”

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