March 14 2018  |  Connectivity & Satellites

ThinKom installs new technology on E-4B Aircraft

By Ash Khan

The low-profile ThinKom ThinAir® Falcon-Ka2517 antenna eliminates aerodynamic drag in flight

ThinKom Solutions, Inc. revealed they have delivered the next-gen Ka-band aeronautical satellite antenna systems for the E-4B National Airborne Operations Center aircraft, a key component of the National Command Systems for the President, the secretary of Defense, and the Joint Chiefs of staff. This new system provides secure global communications that are less likely to jam under extreme conditions.

According to a March 12 press release, ThinKom supplied ThinAir® Falcon-Ka2517 for installation on the E-4B aircraft platforms as part of a program to replace the old Ku-band ESA systems. This will provide a higher bandwidth for voice, data and video connectivity that is both reliable and cost-efficient, all in a highly-survivable low-profile subsystem. The company states that installations are currently underway and the upgrades are expected to be in use by the third quarter of 2018.

The statement from the company notes that the ThinAir Ka-band “provides industry-leading high throughput and transponder bandwidth efficiency and supports data rates up to 400 Mbps forward link and 100 Mbps return link.” The dome shape also eliminates aerodynamic drag while flying. “It is the only available antenna system with bandwidth and beam agility to support hybrid operations with both geostationary (GEO) and low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite networks,” the release explained.

“The future is built into this next-generation antenna system. Its hybrid GEO/LEO capability means it will be fully compatible with the new low-orbit Ka-band satellite networks expected to proliferate in the next few years, as well as high-throughput GEO satellites,” Greg Otto, ThinKom’s Director of Sales, added in the press release.

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