January 9 2018  |  Connectivity & Satellites

More bandwidth, reliability with new Panasonic communications network

By Rachel Debling

The introduction of its third-generation communications network is being hailed as a “major evolution” in Panasonic Avionics’ satellite connectivity service, one that will meet the growing demands of their customers and their customers’ passengers, according to a January 8 release from the avionics company.

Some airlines will begin to transition their aircraft to the new network over the course of 2018’s first quarter, and ITC Global, a Panasonic subsidiary, will use the system for its customers spanning the energy, maritime and enterprise industries.

“Our new satellite communications network is more than just greater bandwidth – it represents a major evolution in our approach to partnering with customers to deliver the highest standards of service and to ensure that their passengers enjoy an unmatched, connected experience in flight,” said Hideo Nakano, Chief Executive Officer of Panasonic Avionics Corporation, in the release.

Paired with their new satellite modem that was developed through a partnership with Newtec, the bandwidth offered by Panasonic is now 20-times greater than what was previously available, enabling faster video streaming, better picture quality, 3G phone services and more. In addition, crew members will be able to take advantage of the bandwidth improvements when utilizing their applications.

New measures are also being implemented through Panasonic’s recently launched Customer Performance Center to provide greater support for their clients. This program includes services such as traffic-shaping and user-monitoring tools as well as the exclusive ZeroTouchsystem.

According to Panasonic, ZeroTouch will “reduce an airline’s need to physically touch the aircraft because all interactions are managed through a virtual dashboard.”

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